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1. The number of drinks needed to raise your blood alcohol content above the legal limits depends on:
A. Your body weight, the amount you drink and the time element involved.
B. Time of day.
C. Where the drinking occurs.
D. How much coffee you drink.

2. 1 1/2 ounces of 80 proof liquor (shot) contains the same amount of alcohol as:?
A. A bottle of rum.
B. 8 Ounces of beer.
C. 12 Ounces of beer (1 can).
D. 24 Ounces of beer (2 cans).

3. If you drink to excess:
A. Only time and waiting will permit your body to get rid of the alcohol.
B. Eating food will permit your body to get rid of the alcohol.
C. You are usually OK to drive after drinking.
D. Your vision is enhanced.

4. If someone leaves your house drunk:
A. You are no longer liable for that person.
B. You can be held liable.
C. Each individual is responsible for his/her self.
D. None of the above.

5. Studies show that the greatest number of people arrested for drunk driving had been drinking what kind of alcoholic beverage?
A. Wine
B. Liquor
C. Wine coolers
D. Beer

6. You have had too much to drink for driving purposes when your blood alcohol content has reached what level?
A. .8%
B. .9%
C. .08%
D. 1.0%

7. Implied consent law means:
A. On request of a Police Officer you agree to take a breath test to determine blood alcohol content.
B. On request of a Police Officer you agree to allow them to search your vehicle.
C. On request of a Police officer you agree to allow them to search your home.
D. On request of a Police Officer you agree to go to the station for paperwork.

8. The first offense for refusing to take the breath test is:
A. Suspension of license for 4 months and a fine of $250-$500.
B. Suspension of license for 7 months and a fine of $300-$500.
C. Suspension of license for 3 months and a fine of $300-$600
D. Suspension of license for 6 months and a fine of $300-$600.

9. If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reads .15% your risk of a serious crash or death is how many times greater?
A. 5 times.
B. 15 times.
C. 50 times.
D. 25 times.

10. Large vehicles on a wet or slippery road surface stopping distance can increase by:
A. 05%
B. 30%
C. 25%
D. 60%

11. How far in advance should you signal before your intended turn?
A. At least 100 feet.
B. At least 50 feet.
C. At least 75 feet.
D. At least 80 feet.

12. When a school bus with its red lights not flashing has stopped in front of a school to pick up or let off children, you may pass from either direction at a speed of no more than.
A. 25 MPH
B. 15 MPH
C. 10 MPH
D. 30 MPH

13. On a roadway that is not divided by a raised median, when a school bus is stopped and has its flashing red lights on you must:
A. Proceed with caution.
B. Stop no closer than 25 feet.
C. Sound your horn and continue driving.
D. Stop no closer than 100 feet.

14. If you have points on your record, NJ allows up to three points to be subtracted from your driving record:
A. Six months from the date of your last moving violation.
B. Three months from the date of your last moving violation.
C. Two years from the date of your last moving violation.
D. One year from the date of your last moving violation.

15. When approaching a red light with a green arrow pointing left, you are allowed to:
A. Stop before turning left.
B. Slow turn left after checking traffic.
C. Both right and left turns are permitted.
D. You can not turn left till the traffic light turns to green.

16. You were suspended from driving based on points. How long is your probation period after reinstatement?
A. 5 years
B. 60 days
C. 1 year
D. 120 days

17. If two cars enter an uncontrolled intersection at the same time:
A. The driver to the left should yield to the driver on the right.
B. The driver on the right should yield to the driver on the left.
C. All drivers must yield and wait for someone to make the first move.
D. The driver going straight goes first.

18. At an uncontrolled intersection, one with no signs, or signals, you should:
A. Come to a full stop.
B. Speed up and go through intersection.
C. Flash your lights.
D. Slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary.

19. A solid line across an intersection means:
A. Stop at intersection behind the line.
B. Stop at intersection on the line.
C. No passing.
D. Only left lane can pass.

20. When it is legal to make a right turn on red, you must:
A. Wait till the light turns green.
B. You signal the right turn.
C. Turn before the light turns green.
D. You make a full stop and check traffic.

21. Hours of driving are limited if you have GDL learners permit and are between 17 and 21 to what time of the day?
A. 6:00 AM to midnight
B. No limitation
C. 5:01 am to 11:00pm
D. 6:01 AM to midnight

22. The best way to take a curve is to:
A. Speed up before entering the curve.
B. Stop, then proceed with caution.
C. Slow down before entering the curve.
D. Take the curve at the same speed.

23. Your vehicle will tend to move in what direction when traveling on a curve?
A. In a straight line.
B. Toward the curve.
C. Away from the curve.
D. Follow the lines on the road.

24. You should expect to see double solid center lines on:
A. A straight road.
B. A winding two lane road.
C. An interstate highway.
D. A One way street.

25. A person holding a GDL license must take training classes:
A. If 4 points are accumulated.
B. If you have a speeding ticket 10 miles over the limit.
C. If you have any tickets.
D. All of the above.

26. What is the three second rule used for?
A. Following Distance
B. Stopping Distance
C. Reaction Time
D. The distance ahead that you should be looking.

27. With a GDL student permit, you must:
A. Take 6 hours with a driving school.
B. Be supervised for 6-months minimum.
C. Be supervised by a New Jersey Licensed driver who has had their license for atleast three years.
D. All of the above.

28. In what position should your wheels be when parking on a downhill street with the curb to the right?
A. Away from the curb.
B. Straight.
C. Towards the curb.
D. Away from the curb with parking break engaged.

29. High beam lights are used for?
A. Driving in traffic.
B. Open country driving.
C. Driving in snow.
D. Signaling oncoming traffic.

30. You should use your parking lights when:
A. Parking.
B. Stopping at an intersection.
C. It's getting dark but not dark enough for headlights.
D. During the day.

31. What color line markings are found on an one way street?
A. One solid yellow line.
B. A solid or broken white line.
C. Two solid yellow lines.
D. Two solid white lines.

32. What should indicate that a tire has been habitually over-inflated?
A. Wear on the side walls.
B. Wear on the center of the tire.
C. Wear on the metal rim.
D. No wear at all.

33. In City Driving, a good habit is to:
A. Practice good judgement
B. Reduce speed and use horn
C.Look 12 seconds ahead
D. Use the 2 second rule

34. A warning sign is what shape?
A. Diamond.
B. Circle.
C. Octagon.
D. Square.

35. Hydroplaning is most likely to occur:
A. During the day.
B. In snow.
C. At dusk.
D. In a heavy rain storm.

36. If you have a blow out, you should:
A. Slam on breaks.
B. Slow down gradually.
C. Continue driving normally.
D. Speed up.

37. What is the proper distance you may park from the curb?
A. 1 Inch.
B. 6 Inches.
C. 1 Foot.
D. 2 Feet.

38. What are some tell tale signs of a drunk driver?
A. Weaving between the lanes.
B. Quick and sudden stops.
C. Driving slower than the normal traffic flow.
D. All of the above.

39. A provisional driver is probationary for how long?
A. 6 months
B. 2 years
C. 1year
D. For ever

40. A triangular sign with an orange center and red border means:
A. Stop.
B. Hospital Zone.
C. School Zone.
D. Slow moving vehicle.

41. A third conviction of DWI is punishable by:
A. Suspension of driver license.
B. Surrender of vehicle.
C. Suspension of driver license for life.
D. Allowed obtaining a temporary license for work only.

42. A restriction on a special learners permit for a 16 year old is:
A. Must have a behind the wheel driver education course.
B. Can only practice drive with a licensed driver over 21 years of age.
C. All passengers in the vehicle must wear safety belts.
D. All of the above.

43. A flashing yellow or amber light means:
A. Stop.
B. Speed up.
C. Park your car.
D. Slow down, proceed with caution.

44. What road marking indicates that it is illegal to pass in either direction?
A. Single broken line.
B. Single solid line.
C. Double solid line.
D. No line markings at all.

45. When using the brakes, a common mistake a new driver makes is:
A. Stopping too soon.
B. Not using the brake.
C. They pump the brakes.
D. Pushing the brake pedal down too hard.

46. When are lighted lamps required in New Jersey?
A. A half hour after sunset.
B. Between a half hour after sunset and until a half hour before sunrise or if visibility is less than 500 ft.
C. A half hour after sunset and a half hour before sunrise.
D. When driving in reverse.

47. The deceleration lane is used for:
A. Passing on the right.
B. Leaving the highway.
C. Right turns.
D. Getting on the road.

48. At a speed of 50 MPH how many car lengths should you stay behind the vehicle infront of you?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

49. What indicates under inflated tires?
A. Excessive wear on the center of the tire.
B. Excessive wear on the edges of the tires.
C. Excessive wear on the side walls.
D. None of the above.

50. What is the penalty for driving a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker?
A. Fine.
B. Arrest.
C. Registration Revocation.
D. All of the above.

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