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Who needs on the road driving evaluations?

Individuals who suffer from serious disabilities resulting from physical injury or medical conditions.

Assessments of driving skills to satisfy the needs of Physicians, Families, Insurance Companies, and Governmental Agencies.

A Drivers License Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Americans are unnecessarily losing their drivers licenses every day. This loss is due to older drivers who allow their driving skills to deteriorate and refuse to admit it.

Small driving errors can and in many cases are interpreted as loss of skills due to age. In reality most of these errors are poor driving skills.

When ordered by State Agencies, citizens are forced to take three tests to keep their drivers license: an eye test, law knowledge also known as the written test and a road test. Sounds easy so far.

More than 30% of new drivers fail the written test and the rate is higher among experienced drivers who fail to study the Driving Manual.

With the loss of good skills, many drivers fail the parallel parking demonstration portion of the road test.

In some cases, individuals lose their licenses and are told to take driving lessons in a dual controlled driving school vehicle.

Avoid this Crisis.

Two Hour Evaluation
Cost: $130.00

2 hour lesson

Age And Driving

As we all age, changes occur in our physical functioning, vision, perception and processing abilities that could make driving unsafe. While changes are inevitable, they occur at different rates in each individual, and age alone is not a good indicator of driving skills. Most of these changes occur solely over a long period of time, and the individual is able to compensate for minor deficits.

If several skill areas are affected, or there is a sudden change in abilities due to illness or disease, driving may become impaired.

Warning Signs:

Driving After Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury commonly occurs due to motor vehicle collision and work related injuries. Injuries can result from a loss of consciousness of less than five minutes to comatose for many months. Any level of injury can cause an increase in pre-injury bad driving behaviors or create new, unsafe driving issues.

These issues can stem from problems with vision, accuracy and speed of eye movements, speed of response, attention, problem solving, judgment and loss of physical skills. It can spare one skill and wipe another from memory. It makes learning new information difficult and keeps a survivor from quickly learning from their mistake.

All the above can result in unsafe driving encounters, unpredictable driving actions or repeat collisions.

Warning Signs:

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