Road Test Service
Road Test

Call our school for price and availability.*

For questions, email us at

Toll Free 800-973-7648
Phone 1-800-9PERMIT
Fax 609-586-5415

*- We do not provide the service of waiting for photo license processing. After the road test, we will either drive you home immediately, which will mean you will have to return to DMV for your photo at a later time, or we will leave you at DMV to process your photo license, therefore, you must provide your own transportation home. The majority of our students choose the latter.


Princeton Driving School provides cars for use on your state road test. Reason students use our car for test:

1. Comfort and security- Many students feel
more comfortable using the car they learned
to drive in to take the road test.

2. No one is available to take student to test.

3. Student car is not acceptable for test.
MVC does not allow cars to be used for road test if
there is an obstruction
between driver and passenger
seat and hand brake is not accessible. MVC may not
allow the use of rental cars on the test.

It is usually best to call (2) weeks before your scheduled appointment.

• We also provide road test review lessons. This is an intensive 2 hour review lesson of skills you will be required to demonstrate on the DMV road test. This lesson is especially helpful if your lessons have been completed over six months ago. This lesson is usually scheduled several days before your road test.

• You may also combine a special one hour review lesson on the same day as your test with the use of our car for the test.

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