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Some parent-child experiences lead to bonding and pleasant memories; teaching your child to drive is not one of them!

End the Argument, Use a Professional!

* Car accidents are the #1 killer of teen drivers, yet many parents put more time, attention and money into training their children for sports than they do into helping them develop the critical driving skills they need to be lifelong safe drivers. The stakes are simply too high not to take driver training seriously. Parents should expect more from driver training programs and give the process more time and attention.

* Under New Jersey law, teens must have a minimum of six hours of behind-the-wheel driver training in order to be eligible for a learner’s permit at age 16. But is the minimum standard good enough for your child?

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What price to place on peace of mind? Choosing Princeton Driving School means you have chosen the best school to teach your teenager the safe driving skills needed to not just pass the road test, but to become a confident, courteous, and safe driver. We look forward to the honor of playing a part in the most exciting days in the life of your teenager as he/she completes the rite of passage of obtaining a drivers license.

Our 16 year old programs include vision and written testing (if needed), purchasing the permit at the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, one-on-one behind the wheel lessons, permit validation at completion of lessons and mailing of the certified validated permit to your home to begin practice driving with your teen.

We also have programs for 17 and older teens. Our older teen programs are similar to the 16 year old programs in service and content.  The difference is that you and your older teen cannot SKIP THE TRIP but must visit the NJ MVC to purchase a permit and complete vision/written testing.   Then with valid permit you can begin practice driving with your teen and schedule lessons to build a strong foundation of safe driving skills as your teen prepares for the road test and solo driving.

We offer our students the option of renting one of our cars for the road test.


The following skills will be taught during the state certified six hour behind the wheel program:

*If your teen is learning at a below-average pace, he or she may not be ready to learn highway and lane-changing skills. We welcome calls from parents to discuss progress. +Lessons are given at night and in inclement weather. If a lesson is scheduled at such a time, your teen will be taught how to minimize risks.

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MVC paperwork and vision/written testing for 16 year olds in our office.

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