Princeton Driving School does not return the permit to your teen after completion of lessons. Instead, we must return the permit to the Division of Motor Vehicles for a validation sticker. This sticker indicates the beginning of a minimum six-month supervised driving practice period. Additionaly, a road-test appointment will be scheduled on either your teen's 17th birthday or the end of the six-month practice period whichever is longer. This date will be written on the permit. Then, we will mail the permit to you.

'Once the permit has been received your teen is now permitted to practice drive with a New Jersey licensed driver over 21 years of age with a minimum of 3 years driving experience. Your teen may drive in the state of New Jersey only between the hours of 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. Your teen will receive a course completion certificate to present to your insurance company for a teen driver discount.++

*If your teen is learning at a below-average pace, he or she may not be ready to learn highway and lane-changing skills. We welcome calls from parents to discuss progress.
+Lessons are given at night and in inclement weather. If a lesson is scheduled at such a time, your teen will be taught how to minimize risks.
++Most insurance companies require completion of a 30-hour classroom course conducted only in New Jersey high schools in addition to the 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction.

Call Princeton Driving School today to answer your questions about the new GDL law. Let us teach your teen to meet the challenges of driving in today’s traffic situations.

Please remember us when your teen is ready to take the on-the-road test at DMV for a provisional license to drive alone with restrictions. We offer review lessons and our car to use on the test. Check the New Jersey Driver's Manual to make sure your car* is acceptable to take the test in.

*Cars with a console between the seats or without a parking brake in the middle also are disqualified for use on the test. The DMV examiner must be able to stop the car in an emergency by using the middle hand brake or reaching over without obstruction to the actual brake pedal.

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Some parent-child experiences lead to bonding and pleasant memories; teaching your child to drive is not one of them!

We have more than 30 years of experience in helping new drivers learn the skills they need to be competent and confident drivers. We can do this because we have the staff, equipment, programs, and scheduling that is right for every driver. We have patient and understanding instructors who know how to help every driver become a safe driver. Our one-on-one, behind-the-wheel training is done in clean, air-conditioned, and dual-controlled
Honda Civics. Our Honda Civics are equipped with both driver and front passenger airbags and ABS brakes for safety! We even offer our students the option of renting one of the cars for their road tests.
Princeton Driving School Honda Civic

MVC Authorized Vision and Written tests
administered at our office for enrolled 16 year old students.
Monday to Thursday 2pm to 5:30pm
Other times available
By appointment, call 800-973-7648
Other times available by appointment, call 800-973-7648
No need for students to visit MVC for vision and written tests.

As you may be aware, the driving laws have changed in New Jersey. New Jersey now has a Graduated Driver's License (GDL) law. There are now three (3) steps to obtain a full license in New Jersey.

Step 1: Obtain a 16-year-old permit, pass a written test and an eye exam, and complete six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.
Step 2: Probationary (with restrictions) license, at age 17after completing minimum of 6 months of supervised driving with validated permit.
Step 3: Full basic (no restrictions) license, at age 18 after having provisional license for one year.

Princeton Driving School takes care of Step 1. We must buy the permit for your teen, and your signature is now required to obtain a permit. We are also required to give you a parent handbook published by the Motor Vehicle Commission. This handbook describes the new GDL law and how you should practice with your teenager when he or she is finished with professional instruction.

Princeton Driving School will accompany your teenager to MVC for vision and/or law knowledge test to validate the permit for practice driving with us and will then schedule six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. OR These tests can be administered at our office.

This instruction takes place in our dual-controlled vehicles in three two-hour private sessions. You can expect your teen to learn the following skills:
  • Safety checks to perform before starting the car
  • Correct use of brakes
  • Proper adjustment and use of inside and outside mirrors
  • Space management
  • K-turns
  • Safe lane-changing and highway-merging procedures*
  • Identifying road signs and land markings and what they mean
  • Correct use of horn
  • Right-of-way rules
  • Proper starting procedure
  • Collision free right and left turns
  • Defensive driving techniques at intersections
  • Reversing
  • Parallel parking made easy
  • Night+ and inclement+ weather driving skills
  • Hill parking
  • Smith System seeing habits
  • Curves
  • Assessing hazards in residential, traffic, rural, and highway * driving situations


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